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Standard Camera Brackets
Window Mount


For temporary surveillance or in-car video systems!

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CCTV Camera Tree

PAN-870 (Black)

PAN-870W (Cream)
A single mounting solution for multiple cameras —
perfect for warehouses and auditoriums!

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Standard J-Box Mount

PAN-897 (Black)
PAN-897W (Cream)
Our ORIGINAL J-Box mount!

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Flex Mount

PAN-817-13 (13"/330.2mm)
PAN-817-16 (16"/406.4mm)
For working around corners and other obstacles!

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Flat Screen/Camera Mount

PAN-336-FPMC-100 (100mm)
The perfect retail mounting solution for video displays
showing security images!

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Deluxe Micro Mount

PAN-845-246 (Black)
PAN-845-246W (Cream)
Our most versatile mount ever... twelve different
options with one amazing result!

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Angle Micro Mount

PAN-846L (Black)
PAN-846LW (Cream)
Another great choice for the perfect camera installation!

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Deluxe Mount

PAN-827-06 (6”/152.4mm) Black
PAN-827-06W (6”/152.4mm) Cream
PAN-827-09 (9”/228.6mm) Black
PAN-827-09W (9”/228.6mm) Cream

Two adjusting points for maximum positioning power!

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Dual Option Mount

PAN-883-06 (6”/152.4mm) Black
PAN-883-06W (6”/152.4mm) Cream
Avoid surprises — with two mounting options,
we’ve got you covered!

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Corner/Pipe Base

PAN-865 (Black)
PAN-865W (Cream)
Perfect for external corners of wall joints or strapped to pipes!

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T-Bar Clip

PAN-863 (Black)
PAN-863W (Cream)
T-Bar Clip measure 1.06” x 1.75” (26.9mm x 44.5mm)
1/4-20 mounting stud

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Micro Conduit Mount

For 1/2” (12.7mm) or 3/4” (19.1mm) conduit or NPT pipe installs

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